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i-MEL fr

The I-MEL iOS tablet application allows speech-language pathologists to analyze and evaluate communication skills. Like a toolbox, the application offers more than 50 tasks for patients to complete.

i-MEL fr Application by Appwapp


  • 51 tasks, some with a b-version to redo the task with the same patient without using the same answers.
  • Recording, playback and photographing
  • Patient interface during task completion as well as a clinician interface
  • Automated scoring
  • Reporting of the alert point reached
  • 5 years of work

Appwapp’s Responsibilities

  • Design
  • UX/UI
  • Development
  • Deploy
i-MEL fr Application - Task title
i-MEL fr - iPad app - Patient profil

Unlike the i-MEC fr application which was an adaptation of a paper-based test, i-MEL fr was created from scratch for the iPad. We were glad to work in collaboration with researchers and clinicians from the research laboratory of Yves Joanette and Ana Inès Ansaldo on designing a simple and intuitive UX and UI application for clinicians.

Each task has its own flow and offers all the flexibility to clinicians to enrich with annotation and reporting the type of errors and corrections needed.

The application also offers different handover modes from clinicians to patients:  with flip between clinician and patients, in “side by side” mode or facing the clinician only mode.

This project has been one of several years of hard work and we are very proud to see it in the App Store.

I-MEL iOS tablet application

A big thank you to the co-authors: Yves Joanette, Anais Deleuze, Perrine Ferré and Ana Inés Ansaldo, the collaborators Laurence Charest, Michelle Masson-Trottier, Charles-Olivier Martin and Catherine Rochon and to all the researchers and clinicians who participated, tested, and validated the application.

Work team for the development of the i-MEL iOS tablet application