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Why work with us

We are designers of sustainable digital solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering the impossible.

Welcome to Appwapp !

Because Tech matters !


Because Tech matters!

It’s simple, if we don’t keep up to date with the latest technologies, we won’t be a viable business.

That’s why a fundamental pillar is to enrich our knowledge and always evolve our practice by following new technologies.

The history of our projects can be seen as a parade of technologies in their evolution. We started with the use of the Zend PHP framework and then moved on to Symfony, Laravel and Lumen. Eternal curious, we studied the popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress). We went a step further in WordPress to identify the theme of choice and the plugins par excellence.

So if you like to be up to date and discover what’s new in the industry, you have the same mindset as us, great minds are alike. Know that we devote time to support you in your discoveries with our “Innovendredi” ritual.

Methodology + Team

Count on your colleagues, they count on you

With over 10 years of experience, we know that team spirit is at the heart of work. Whether it is remote work or face-to-face, we organize work according to the requirements of the industry:

Scrums every morning, we divide the project into sprints, we segment the sprint into tasks. And all by you, for you.

It is the strength of the team that guarantees the quality solution our customers expect. You will never be alone, we reassure you. We value your happiness and development at work. So know that you can count on us and your colleagues.

Empathy is our special sauce. It’s our glue.

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Methodology + Team - Count on your colleagues, they count on you
Take the position you want at Appwapp

Take the position you want

With us, you take your place. Want to be a Lead Dev? Do you want to do the project setups ? Go ahead.

Our goal is for you to succeed in your professional development.

Your salary = your decision at Appwapp

Your salary = your decision

You decide how many hours you will work in your week.

And know that if you had to work overtime (in 10 years, overtime can be counted on the fingers of one hand), it will be paid.

Hot Projects for developpers to work on at Appwapp

Hot Projects

We have developed great projects and we continue to offer great opportunities to our developers.

We did the election system for TVA projects for the Bank of Canada, we even have an in-house SMS project called Cocoapp!

We not only offer you challenges but also recognizable projects for your resume.

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We’re having fun

“If we don’t have fun today, we put the key under the door and close everything.”

That is the mantra that Jean-René, our president, often says.

And that is the basis of our recipe.

We believe in having fun at the office.

Bring your tools, your way of doing things and above all, don’t forget your good humor at home.

At Appwap, we have fun together.

Having fun developing digital holiday card with the team


Each year, we develop a digital holiday card to have fun together.

Discover our cards