Our little hidden festive treasures

Traditionally for 10 years, we get into the holiday mood by creating a little digital thought.

The objectives are simple, we want to have fun together.


Holiday Snowball Battle, Take 2!

This year we’ve gone back to last year’s game, offering not one theme but 2! You now have the Appwapp theme and the Montreal theme (orange cone included).

Have fun!!


Holiday Snowball Battle!

This year we have developed a fun little game where you can throw snowballs at our team… safely! We were inspired by a very special tradition at Appwapp which is to throw a fake snowball at a colleague to ask for help.

This year it’s your turn to ask for help!

Fun guaranteed! 🤩

In addition, by sharing the score, the visitor is made aware and invited to donate to food banks.

We wanted to give a hand by sharing links to businesses where people can drop off non-perishable food and also to provide very useful links for people who need them most.

What could be better than combining pleasure with a good deed!

Carte de Noel 2021


Our snowflake lights up the (still) covid holiday season.

We revisit the project of the previous year and we push the development.

With programmed LED lights, we drew a snowflake and segmented the branches of the snowflake to provide more animation options.

Via a microsite, people are invited to change the colors and the animation.

The whole thing is streamed on Twitch.

in deactivated mode


We light up a tree during the covid holiday season.

With programmed LED lights, we drew a tree.

Via a microsite, people are invited to change the colors and the animation of the branches.

The whole thing is streamed on Twitch.


Shortcut keyboard fun

Inspired by Asana, we decided to immortalize the team and the highlights of the year by displaying ”stickers” on the screen.

The user must press tab+a or tab+p or tab+w to make a sticker appear.


Background mood

Our digital card indicated via code the commands to be done to change the background to see all the festive combinations, and even one in black and white.


The year in review

The year 2017 was full of projects and we wanted to do a retrospective.


Happy kaleidoscope

We wanted a colorful full-screen trip. The kaleidoscope effect moves following the mouse, on mobile, it is the movement of the phone that moves the background.


Twist Tree

On reprend notre sapin numérique mais on lui donne une twist. en un clic & drag, on peut faire danser le sapin.

best desktop visit


Digital tree

We put the code forward in the shape of a fir tree. A click on the star to start the music, light show and snow.

We have to trip together