Website – Web Application

Audio Services Studio

Mastering studio of the artist Pheek who has more than 20 years of experience in mixing and mastering. Very busy website offering online purchasing of mixing and mastering sessions. 

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Refreshing technologies and the general look of the website to better highlight the company’s key services.

Appwapp Responsibilities

  1. Wireframe and design
  2. Data migration
  3. WordPress Maintenance


  1. Before we took care of the project the website had very much data and the WordPress tables  were corrupted.
  2. Data restructuring was required
  3. Maintenance had been neglected for over a year and WordPress and WooCommerce versions made updating difficult.
  4. Having active customers submitting orders daily, keeping the site online and transitioning to the new one has been very important.à
  5. A hosting server migration was needed.