Conseil Québécois du Théâtre (CQT)


Implementation of a reflection guide about inclusion in the theater industry via a bilingual web platform that is also accessible.

Appwapp also presented a 3-hour training conference about digital accessibility aimed at the industry’s next generation.


Appwapp responsibilities

All responsibilities were governed by the application of WCAG AA accessibility standards.

  1. Wireframes UI/UX
  2. Grafik Design
  3. Integration and development
  4. Accessibility Tests


Manage a large quantity of information and ensure that it follows accessibility standards.

Accessibility training

Raising awareness on inclusive communication

We had the pleasure of offering a 3-hour course to new theatrical talent aimed at opening their minds and eyes to good web practices to ensure the accessibility of a website and the importance of ensuring that their information is always well read and understood.

We talked about color contrasts, tricks to ensure accessible interfaces without depending on color, how to structure their content to make it web friendly (importance of the hierarchy of headers and alt-text).

About CQT

The Conseil québécois du théâtre brings together and represents practitioners and professional theater organizations in Quebec to promote the development and influence of theatrical art in all its diversity.