TVA Elections

Complete overhaul of the Webelec electoral platform

Webelec is the internal tool that the TVA team uses to propagate the election results to TVA viewers. Webelec is therefore used by the editorial team, the animators, the management who follow the results during election night.
The need to change infrastructure has pushed TVA to rethink and reinvent to be more efficient. Appwapp actively participated in defining all the needs including the new environments as well as those of the interface. A year of work that earned itself an election night with a spectacular performance by the new Webelec and the TVA team. A real success!

TVA Election - Election Platform - By Appwapp

Goal :

  • Reduce the delay between receiving results from the consortium and reaching viewers.
  • Change the infrastructure and architecture.
  • Change the interface to improve navigation and search results.
  • Redefine reports.

Strength of the overhaul:

  • Election simulator so that the team can practice before election night.
  • Simplified interface for preparing parameters without requiring a developer.
  • Ability to send information to different departments by reducing delays as much as possible.