Website, Design

Knights of Columbus – Supreme Convention


Development of the website for the 142nd Supreme Convention which is the annual international event of the Knights of Columbus. The site’s mission is to allow volunteer registrations, to publicize the main event, and to inform visitors about the organized tours. Easy-to-use tools have been put in place to facilitate management by volunteers throughout the reception.

Appwapp Responsibilities

  1. Expert advice and choice of technologies
  2. Wireframes and web design
  3. Web integration
  4. Development of web event management tools
  5. Turnkey support (technical support, advice, etc.)
  6. Web hosting
  7. In-person support during the event


  1. Adapt training for all comfort levels with technologies.
  2. Evolution of the multi-phase site over several months.
  3. Tight deadlines given validations by several, compensated by meetings and close follow-ups.

About the Knights of Columbus

The Order of the Knights of Columbus was founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1882. Fifteen years after the founding of the Order, the first Canadian council, No. 284, was founded in Montreal on November 25, 1897. Quebec has today some 475 active councils and 77,500 members in good standing.