Web Application – Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA – Canadian Helicopters Limited

Canadian Helicopters has been operating rotary wing aircraft since 1947 and is the largest helicopter operator in Canada with 25 locations across the country


The client attempted to develop a mobile application to allow an offline form to sync when the mobile is online. This task turned out to be heavy for 1 form, but the client has hundreds of forms that he would also like to be able to process offline. Helicopter pilots are often flown to very remote locations that have no connectivity. The information collected is a government requirement and the paper option was not effective (forms lost or damaged by bad weather).

Appwapp offered to try PWA (Progressive Web App) technology with synchronization depending on connectivity. This fits well with the current process and could well adapt to all their forms eventually.

Appwapp Responsibilities

  • Analysis of existing code
  • Proposal of an alternative solution (PWA – Progressive web app)
  • Proof of concept development
  • Deployment
  • Technical training with their development team


  1. The existing code was in Cold Fusion language. This one was also built on ancient architecture. This therefore limited the choice of libraries that could be used.
  2. We had to limit the impact on the existing code base