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Spartakus Technologies

Spartakus Technologies’ APM platform is a powerful and intuitive management tool that allows manufacturing companies to monitor, diagnose and optimize their equipment to improve their efficiencies and reliability. With its responsive features, you can quickly spot issues and fix them before they impact your business. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure and customize management settings and create tailored dashboards. It is also possible to monitor the most important metrics and receive alerts, in real time. Spartakus APM is compatible with the main management platforms such as SAP.

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Appwapp responsibilities

  1. Code analysis
  2. Review React Native software architecture
  3. Tests on some tablet and mobile


We have been hired to identify and fix Android app performance issues.


It’s always a big challenge to work with another team’s code that doesn’t have documentation. In addition, we had to deal with the fact that one of their customers absolutely needed a working version quite quickly.