SQDI press

The mission of Les Presses de la SQDI is to make freely available reference works on international law to as many people around the world as possible. To carry out this mission, Les Presses de la SQDI offers free online reference works in French, thus allowing better dissemination of knowledge which will benefit both students and professionals in the field around the world as well as the authors of the distributed books. 

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Develop a responsive site allowing visitors to have free and easy access to French-language publications on international law.

Appwapp responsibilities

  1. Hosting
  2. Responsive
  3. Wireframes / UX
  4. Integration and development


The significant weight of the shared documents required an advanced transfer tool, as well as a management tool to facilitate their downloading. This type of special management was very specific to their needs and Appwapp has solved this problem with an existing tool, adapted to their needs.