Tipperbox : Tipper Safety Device

Tipperbox, safety device for tippers

On Quebec’s roads, several major accidents are listed each year because of driver’s forgetfulness to lower the bucket of his truck.

Following these events, a by-law coming into effect in September 2020 will require all dump truck owners to install a raised bucket alarm. This device, equipped with a warning light and sound, will warn the driver as soon as his bucket is raised when he takes the road.

Customer expectations :

Create an efficient and sustainable product that meets the standards of the SAAQ. Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2, 2018, chapter 7), tipper safety device.

The challenge :

Integrate an effective and efficient GPS system into the module, comply with the SAAQ standards for luminaire brightness, and meet the requirements for the audible warning device.

To know more on Tipperbox, consult www.appwapp/tipperbox

Tipperbox system plan
Visual representation of the Tipperbox system on a truck