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Vudu Mobile

VuduMobile is a web application and offers ready-to-use professional text messaging services. Through its reliable and flexible platform, professionnals can manage SMS alerts, Text-to-Donate or Mobile Marketing strategies. They can also send bulk SMS, chat with their clients and plan client reminders or game contests.

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Client Expectations:

VuduMobile wanted their clients to be able to customize the features of their platform. VuduMobile also wanted them to be 100% autonomous with the management of their platform.

The challenge:

The main challenge was to develop a web application which is customizable for each client, scalable and can easily integrate new features.
Each client has its own web application which is adjustable according to their needs. Regarding the features, a client can send bulk SMS. He can also decide if he wants to send a text-message to all his contacts or to a specific group of contacts that he would have previousily created. Auto-reply systems have been developed and the client can set them with keywords or to all users. The platform is being improved every day with new features!

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About the project:

  • Cloud-based bilingual Web application for SMS services
  • Platform created from scratch for VuduMobile and VuduMobile’s clients (B2B).
  • Adjustable and scalable application
  • Clients manage their own platform

VuduMobile web application is used in many well-known companies

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