Web accessibility

What is web accessibility and what are the funding options

Web accessibility

The aim of web accessibility is to enable people with disabilities (visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, etc.) to use the web and digital tools (mobile, tablet, etc.) optimally and without barriers.

At Appwapp web accessibility is part of our inclusion values. We can design your website or mobile application to meet accessibility challenges as well as current standards.

We can help you achieve your accessibility goals and ensure compliance with the following standards:

  • SGQRI 008 2.0 
  • WCAG 2.0
  • AODA
  • C-81 Law
  • ATAG  2.0
  • ADA and Section 508 (USA) 

Validation and Audit

Would you like to validate how accessible your website and applications are?

An assessment is a great starting point. Our team of experts can perform an analysis and an audit according to your needs.

Get funding for web accessibility projects with Appwapp

Web accessibility – Funding

There are also funding sources and programs available to help you fund your projects to achieve your accessibility goals.

Among these, here is a program allowing the financing of your web accessibility project.

Through its web accessibility experience, Appwapp adequately meets the standards and production criteria of this program. We will accompany you through the accessibility standards that we have mastered for several years through our experience and our projects.

Appwapp’s added value

At Appwapp, you will find an experienced team with more than 10 years in the field to masterfully create your digital design project. From the start, we listen to your needs and clearly define our vision and our solution.

Because to all challenges, a solution exists!

Our team keeps pace with new technologies which in turn provide you with a sustainable solution that will grow with you. We work in a good mood and we aim to collaborate with you.

You can rely on us and our expertise to develop a solution that makes sense.

Appwapp web accessibility