The benefits of a career at Appwapp

As Confucius so aptly told us: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote illustrates the importance of making an informed decision when the time comes to reorient your career or even when you explore the possibilities available to you.

Today it is important to find a friendly environment, promoting personal and professional development in your workplace. In addition, being all unique, we all have different work expectations and needs.

With this in mind, we have decided to take the lead and give you the TOP 10 reasons to work at Appwapp.

1 – We exist to have fun, together, at the office.

“If we don’t have fun today, we shut down and close everything. »

That’s what Jean-René, our president, often says. This is the basis of our recipe and we believe in having fun at the office. Whether during work sessions, during team meetings or during activities to decompress, we make it our duty to maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. In fact, we don’t take ourselves seriously and that’s what allows you to release the pressure while letting out your laughter.

2 – We have a great close-knit team

A united team is like a family where we can help each other and where we can count on our colleagues. We are proud to say that we have a golden team made up of interesting and super friendly people. When our customers hire Appwapp, they hire a team that works in a cohesive way where everyone can bring their solutions and know-how. This synergy allows everyone to feel more like a member of our clan rather than just an employee. At the end of the day, that’s what makes us want to spend time together.

3 – We participate in the pursuit of your development.

With us, every challenge is an opportunity to develop yourself, knowing that we are always there to support you. We believe in us, in our people and in our projects. In order to achieve this, we give you everything you need to succeed, without pressure and in the best possible conditions, never leaving you on your own. Our goal is for you to succeed in your development by supervising you so that you reach your full potential.

4 – We are Flexible

We’re not gymnasts, but we’re flexible about how and how much time you spend working. No one is pressuring you about projects. We impose neither constraint nor technology on you. In 10 years, overtime requests can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Basically, we want everyone to have the time to enjoy life and that your working conditions are not an irritant but rather a factor of well-being. For us it is essential to do everything not to add stress at the office.

5 – We respect your private life

We too have a family and activities that are important to us. We understand that this time is precious. It is therefore important to respect your work-life balance. We do everything we can to ensure that your private life has the place it deserves. This limit allows everyone to feel considered and respected.

6 – We communicate

At Appwapp, we let you express yourself, communicate and share with your colleagues. This is what keeps us going and growing. Everyone has their place. This is why the team always has time allocated to discuss the project and the alternatives that can be put in place. This method often allows us to see projects or solutions from a different perspective, to discover new ways of doing things and to improve ourselves.

7 – We love to go beyond ourselves

We seek to do our best and to grow both individually and collectively. Each new project promotes this growth since we use what we have learned to put our experiences to good use. This philosophy allows us to be better than yesterday but never as much as tomorrow.

8 – We offer a safe space

At Appwapp, we don’t judge: neither people nor their humour. We are real and we believe in each member of our team. In short, we have gentle, respectful leadership that listens to your needs. Yes, we talk about the real things but always with the aim of improving. We recruit you on the basis of your skills. Because for us, everything else has no impact on our decision to work with you.

9 – We have lots of great projects

Ambitious projects make us vibrate and there is no shortage of projects at Appwapp. The satisfaction of a stimulating job is like a second salary for us.

10 – Stability and security

Since its beginnings in 2010, Appwapp has quickly achieved great success with its digital solutions. Since then, we have carried out an impressive number of diversified projects. This constant growth results in quickly filling our production schedules. This stability allows people to consider Appwapp as a long-term vocation. Something to inspire confidence!

We’re happy in what we do and with the team that we do it

If our values appeal to you and you love code, come and have a coffee, an herbal tea or any liquid and we’ll talk about you, Appwapp and the future.

Get on board !

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