Mise à jour niveau API cible Android

Target API level requirements for Google Play apps

In order to maintain an optimal level of security for Android and Google Play users, Google Play now requires that all applications meet its target API levels

Les avantages d’un système SMS sur mesure pour municipalités et organismes gouvernementaux

The benefits of a tailor-made SMS system for municipalities and government agencies

We do everything we can to develop an SMS system adapted to your needs. Our achievements prove our know-how.

Appwapp est bien présent dans le domaine de la culture

We have a strong cultural presence

Discover our many projects, among others for TVA.

GitHub Warns of Lazarus Group's Social Engineering Campaign Targeting Developers

GitHub warns of Lazarus Group’s social engineering campaign targeting developers

There are solutions to protect yourself and stay healthy and safe from malicious attacks.

Renasant Convention Center - Objets connectés

Memphis – Renasant Convention Center – Connected Objects

Appwapp designed the physical LED controllers, software, and complete testing for UL certification. A major connected object design and software development project.

refonte de mon application mobile

Do I have to start from scratch or can I redesign my mobile app?

Whether you decide to redesign your mobile app or create a new one, the important thing is to know how to choose the right partner for this project.

Appwapp partenaire des chercheurs et groupes de recherches

Appwapp partners with researchers and research groups

At Appwapp, we have a team of experienced developers who Code for research.

Les dernières réalisations d’Appwapp -  CQT - accessibilité web

Appwapp’s latest achievements

Is your website accessible? What are the criteria for web accessibility? Learn more about universal accessibility with our CQT project.

L'importance de

The importance of the PHP ecosystem

Learn about the importance of the PHP ecosystem and the latest information regarding WordPress and PHP compatibility.

La technologie au service de l’agriculture

Technology at the service of agriculture

The evolution of the agricultural sector: when technology takes over