Sabrina en Islande

Sabrina is back from Iceland!

Sabrina is back from her month long art residency in Iceland.

Les tests de sécurité SAST et DAST

SAST and DAST Security Testing

It’s important to strengthen application security. SAST and DAST tests are among the best methods.

L'importance de considérer les lois de la vie privée numérique

The Importance of Complying with Digital Privacy Laws

Although practical, technology sometimes represents a risk for Internet users. Businesses are required to consider digital privacy laws.

Le sens numérique depuis 14 ans !

Digital sense for 14 years now !

For 14 years, our team’s mission has been to offer our customers innovative, effective and profitable business solutions.

L’importance de l’étude de faisabilité pour concevoir votre application mobile

The importance of performing a feasibility study before building your mobile application

Behind every successful mobile application is a great deal of upstream thinking. It always starts with a market analysis and feasibility study.

Municipalité de Saint-Mathieu

Municipality of Saint-Mathieu

The municipality of Saint-Mathieu has understood that digitalization is now essential and that it facilitates communication with citizens.

Notre collaboration avec la fondation CHUM

Our collaboration with the CHUM Foundation

We’re very proud to have contributed to the development of medical research with the CHUM Foundation.

Comment AppWapp peut aider les municipalités dans limplantation de leurs projets numériques

How can Appwapp help municipalities with their digital project implementation?

We develop tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to municipalities. Digital specialist for over 10 years.

Dans quel cas une application mobile pourrait aider votre entreprise

How can a mobile application help your business?

A mobile application serves as a direct extension of your brand, offering a new virtual experience of your services.

Appwapp peut aider les organismes gouvernementaux et municipaux

Appwapp can help government and municipal organizations with mobile application development

We develop innovative, tailor-made mobile applications adapted to the needs of government and municipal organizations.