Connected objects: Simple buzzword or technological future?

There are countless connected devices and gadgets in everyday life. Do these objects represent the future or are they just a passing fad?

Goodbye Xamarin. Hello Maui

The month of July brings us little news except at Microsoft where .NET MAUI finally replaces Xamarin in Visual Studio 2022.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing in 2022

SMS is a tool that has significant use in the field of business marketing. It is an excellent tool for promotional messages. Discover the different SMS marketing trends for this year 2022.

L’enjeu de la sécurité web en 2022

Web Security Challenge in 2022

What are the current challenges in web security? We share with you some leads to anticipate certain attacks?

Do I need a mobile app?

Would a mobile app specific to your business would be a good solution for you? Our experts at Appwapp enlighten you.

iPhone apps

Fall cleaning in the App Store

Apple are in process of evaluating  in-store apps to only keep those who are fully fonctional and up to date.