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The ADISQ-Académie is a voting tool for the Gala de l’ADISQ. It proposes the candidatures of the Félix categories which are the subject of a vote of the members of the Academy.

Académie ADISQ voting platform
Académie ADISQ web application

New voting platform


All voting operations for the Gala de l’ADISQ, including this voting system, take place under the supervision of the accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. This voting system has been subject to the establishment of computer security standards that allow auditors to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the process and the results of this vote.

Appwapp Mandate

  1. Redesign of the voting tool for the ADISQ gala
    • wireframes
    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Data architecture
  2. Follow the strict standards imposed by the accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, which ensures the smooth running of the vote.
  3. Synchronize some data from the internal tool to this vote available to the industry.
  4. Optimize some processes that were manual in the previous tool to reduce team workload.


+A new voting platform that offers administrators better work performance for less effort thanks to a simpler and more efficient interface.

+A simpler and easier voting experience for its users.

+An easy-to-update wordpress site for ADISQ managers.

Web app the Gala de l’ADISQ - Académie ADISQ by Appwapp

New platform for admins to manage the categories accessible in the voting book.


Founded in 1978 by Andrée Perry to defend the interests of its members and promote the development of the music industry in Quebec, the Quebec Association of the Record, Entertainment and Video Industry (ADISQ). From 32 members at the start, ADISQ has become a non-profit professional association bringing together 250 companies. These companies work, directly or indirectly, in all sectors of the production of sound recordings, shows and audiovisual content. ADISQ has been organizing its annual gala since 1979 to reward artists, artisans and professionals in the Quebec music industry.