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Cocoapp is a messaging platform that facilitates communications for small and medium-sized businesses. Reach your customers at all times through social media and SMS in a single application.

Developed by Appwapp, Cocoapp saves time by grouping all of your communications, for the centralized management of Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Chat.

Cocoapp helps with lead conversion, to identify your loyal customers,opportunities and potential crises.

Taste simplified communication !

Cocoapp web app by Appwapp

Cocoapp by Appwapp

Appwapp Responsibilities

  1. Ideation (yes, it’s our baby)
  2. Development of the 3-year roadmap
  3. MVP design and development (minimally viable product)
  4. Validation of the MVP with agencies
  5. Development of the software and hosting architecture to maximize serverless use, therefore the scalability
  6. Compliance with high security standards, as well as privacy (GDPR, etc.)
  7. Creation of Tools to facilitate development involving third parties (simulators)
  8. Development of microservices (with unit testing)
  9. Enhanced technical documentation
Cocoapp user interface - web application by Appwapp
Cocoapp - Convertissez vos contacts en lead
Cocoapp - secure and centralized
Cocoapp - Be the first to taste simplified communications

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