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Résolution de Conflits en Ligne de Protégez-vous, in partnership with BidSettle, is a transactional website that aims to create technological tools so that citizens and businessess can do part of the legal work themselves at a lower cost. In case of a conflict, it automates legal procedures such as demand letters and negotiations.

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Client Expectations:

Design a secure and user-friendly website that makes legal services cheaper and simpler for the average person.

Transactionnal website - Online Conflict Resolution by Protégez-vous

The Challenge:

Thanks to the partnership between BidSettle and Protégez-Vous, Résolution de Conflit en ligne de Protégez-Vous was born from the white labeling of BidSettle’s website. The challenge was to customize the website to Protégez-Vous’s needs, while keeping the whole structure of BidSettle’s website.

The website is divided into three sections: a public area, an area for the clients who have an account and an area for the administrators of the website. It offers total transparency and safety to help the parties in their process of settlement.

About the project:

  • White labeling of an existing website