Web Application


Vecto Smart Media is a Content Management System (CMS), a platform that allows the user to manage his content. The development team has built a bridge between the CMS and digital badges with LED screens the size of a mobile phone. Those badge will be worn in retail businesses.

Client Expectations:

The client needed a user-friendly and efficient CMS so that his clients would be able to set up and manage the contents that would be displayed on the digital badges. Each user of the platform will be able to set promotions up with texts and images that would be automatically displayed on the badges.

Vecto Smart Media - CMS for connected objects - By appwapp

The Challenge

Building the CMS and implementing the features were the main challenges. Each client will be able to manage his promotions. He can choose the start and the end date and time of his promotion, the images that will slide on the badges and the groups of retailers towards whom he wants to broadcast it. He also has an edit tool to add text on a picture or to crop a photo. Making sure the connection between the CMS and the badge works fine was also another challenge.

About the project:

  • Development of a CMS and of its features
  • Ensuring the communication between the badges and the CMS
  • Clients’ autonomy